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Personal counseling

Counseling sessions happen once a week each lasting for an hour. The client –counselor relationship is a collaborative one, wherein the counselor aims at making the client not just 'feel' better but 'get' better. In addition to empathically understanding client's emotional disturbances, the client and the counselor mutually try several problem-focused options to deal with them.

Certificate courses in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

Logikos Basic
The aim of this professional course of 6 sessions (3 hrs each) is an introduction to basic principles of REBT in theory and in practice. Along with the main tenets of REBT, cognitive, emotive and behavioural techniques used by REBT in Mumbai are also covered. High emphasis is given to identifying self-disturbing through homework assignments and also practicing being in the counselor's seat.

Logikos Advance
This course of 8 sessions (3 hrs each) aims at a study of applications of REBT in Mumbai to specific disturbances. It takes a closer look at how REBT perceives and tackles emotional disturbances such as anxiety, anger, depression etc. and other common problem areas such as addictions, marital problems and behavioural problems in children thus aiming to prepare the participants to work with a wide variety of clients.

Logikos Advance+
This course focuses on a complete practical experience of REBT in Mumbai after having studied a large part of the theory. One single case is presented and dealt with in all the 8 sessions (3hrs each). This gives the participants an opportunity to witness counseling in progress as well as participate in it. Finer and elegant aspects of REBT in Mumbai are studied through case examples. Group feedback and homework assignments help the participants study and improvise individually as counselors of REBT in Mumbai.

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REBT with children (theory and applications)

The aim of this professional certificate course of 18 hrs is to help teachers, counselors and others working with children, gain understanding of principles of REBT in theory and practise how these can be used for the benefit of children. Along with the main tenets of REBT in Mumbai, concepts and activities based on Rational Emotive Education are also covered in detail. High emphasis is given to practicing how to convey healthy mental and emotional health concepts to children for holistic growth and development.   Read More

REBT for Marital Therapy (Theory and applications)

The purpose of this course is a detailed understanding of the applications of rational emotive behaviour theory and therapy in dealing with pre and post-marital disturbances. REBT offers a highly proactive and structured approach toward identifying and modifying the deep-rooted philosophies, originating within the individual as well as the relationship, that are responsible for the increasing evidence of breakdowns in marriages. Through this course we would attempt to look at the recurrent patterns and themes seen in cases of pre-and post-marital disturbances and then focus on training people to use REBT techniques to deal with these disturbances effectively.  

Self-help groups

Let's talk (General)
This self-help course of 4 sessions (4 hrs each) is particularly designed for people who want to deal with their own disturbances. It aims at teaching the participants to use REBT principles and techniques to consistently keep dealing with their day-to-day disturbances and learn a healthier, proactive way of problem solving and living life. Also participating in a group discussion of such kind helps participants shed their inhibitions about talking about their problems and motivates them to take effective charge of their lives.

Let's talk (Specific)
This self-help course conducted over 4 sessions (4 hrs each) aims to get together people intending to deal with common problems. Various specific modules on areas such as Anger Management, Depression, Anxiety problems, Parenting, Creative problem solving, Making effective choices, Handling job pressures etc. are undertaken over with the aim of maximizing personalized benefit of the course for each participant.


1 day or 2 day workshops are conducted on different topics such as Issues in Love relationships, Coping with Mid-life stress, assertiveness training, counselor's disturbances, hypnotherapy, alternative therapies, marital issues etc. These workshops are tailor-made depending on the specific age-group or the specific issue being focused on.

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