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About In vivo

'In Vivo' was started in 2007 with the aim of making people aware in their minds and in action that they themselves have the ability and the power to make a 'Proactive Choice' to enhance the quality and take control of their life. With this aim in mind, 'In Vivo' mainly conducts training sessions in 'Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy' basic, advanced and advanced plus, as REBT's fundamental premise is 'choice theory'. These courses are conducted for psychology students and professionals, psychiatrists and allied mental health workers. In addition to this, various workshops are conducted on a gamut of other therapies, both for professionals, beginners and lay people. These workshops aim at providing a clear picture of different therapies, both in terms of theory and application, such that participants are equipped with the right kind of foundation and tools to pursue further in the respective therapy.

Self-help oriented group therapy courses are also conducted for people from a non-psychology background to help them gain insight into the real reasons for the existence of their emotional disturbances, how to overcome them in the present and work towards keeping themselves minimally disturbed even in the future.

Personal counseling on a one-on-one basis is provided for people who are struggling to deal with their day-to-day life issues. A variety of issues like anxiety, anger, depression, addictions, guilt and self-downing, marital problems, habit of procrastination etc. are effectively dealt in these personal counseling sessions.

About Swati

Ms. Swati Khanolkar, a trained clinical psychologist, is an accomplished practitioner of REBT in Mumbai. She has taught psychology at both Graduate and Post graduate levels at SNDT University, Mumbai and affiliated colleges. She has conducted training programs for various corporates and has also been invited as a guest lecturer for several organizations and colleges in Mumbai. She is the Director of 'In Vivo', a private counseling and training firm based at Andheri, Mumbai under which she conducts regular REBT training programs for students and professionals in psychology. She also conducts self-help group therapy and individual counseling, an initiative that has helped her clients make a remarkable positive difference in their lives.

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